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VERSALINE BROADLINE Custom Length Wall, Post Mounted Folding Washing Clothesline

VERSALINE SLIMLINE Clothesline Long and Narrow Folding Wall Mount Indoor Outdoor

VERSALINE COMBO Dual Level Clothes Wash Line Double Decker Large Hoist Capacity


VERSALINE RV Clothesline Caravan Motorhome Home Lightweight and Compact Storage

NEW Clothesline Clothes Hanger Clip | Hanger Cord | Spare parts

Welcome to Versaline Disappearing Clotheslines

A clothesline is the most natural and environmentally friendly way to dry clothes as it conserves energy, decreases greenhouse gas emissions and has the added bonus of saving you money on your electricity bill. Versaline Disappearing Clotheslines provide a unique range of Australian made clotheslines, airers and drying racks like no other on the market.  Versaline have many clotheslines styles for sale to suit any home or family size, and you can buy these clothes lines direct from the manufacturer from our Sydney factory. Delivery is free Australia Wide; Adelaide, & South Australia, Brisbane & Queensland, Melbourne & Victoria, Sydney & New South Wales,  Perth & Western Australia, Hobart & Tasmania, Darwin & the Northern Territory.

These innovative clotheslines have features no other clothes line can offer, as their unique designs make the best use of any available space; clothes lines to suit large or small areas; wall, post, roof or ceiling mounted clotheslines; as an indoor or outdoor clotheslines; and can easily disappear from sight when required. Whether it’s for a home, apartment or caravan, Versaline has a folding, retractable, removable, pulley or portable clothesline solution for you. New to the range is our portable bathroom multi rail shower Towel Rack

  • Our products include: 
  • # The removable, fold down Custom length Broadline and Slimline clothesline. This custom length allows for either post, pier or wall mounting to maximise on any space length and can also be utilised in breezways and down long passageways.
  • # Roof or Ceiling mounted, pulley operated clotheslines, washing lines and airers can hold a large capacity and are long enough to hold sheets. Perfect for high ceiling homes to take advantage of convection to air dry washing, and the range includes a single hanger rail to use either as an ironing rack, or to place washing on coat hangers straight from the washing machine.
  • # A removable clothesline for the RV, caravan and motorhome enthusiast, which has the capacity to hold sheets and towels yet is lightweight and can be compactly stored away when on the road.
  • # New to the range is our Hanger Clip can be placed onto any clothesline cord to hold a coat hanger securely and prevents any sliding along the cord due to wind or line sagging

Our Aussie clotheslines are easy to install, but if you require someone to install any of our clotheslines for you, we recommend Hire-A-Hubby as our preferred installer. There will be a Hire A Hubby local to you and their rates are very competitive. Simply order your clothesline online, and then click on link to arrange a time for them to install.


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