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About Us

Versaline Clotheslines was established in 2004 by an Engineer with over 35 years experience in Toolmaking, Manufacturing, Product Design and Development, and General Engineering.

Barry and Stephanie de Boer initially came up with the concept of a more versatile range of indoor and outdoor clotheslines from a personal experience when they moved into their new and smaller home, and were surprised at how limited the clothesline market was in regard to versatility. With Barry's background, he soon got to work on a clothesline solution by developing a versatile clothesline that could be made any length so they could maximize the limited space they had.

Stephanie's criterion was that she wanted a discrete clothesline, as it was to be installed in an entertaining area.

Barry went one better by making it able to disappear.

Barry and Stephanie are very conscience that clotheslines offer a free, gentle and natural environmentally friendly clothes drying alternative to the electric dryer, as its use conserves energy, decreases greenhouse emissions, does not stress, destroy or generate static electricity in valuable garments, and has the added bonus of saving money on the electricity bill and time wasted on ironing.

Versaline clotheslines is an Australian owned company, manufacturing Australian made products and using local suppliers.

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