How Changing the type of Clothesline you have can Increase the Usable Space around your Home 


Why should you have to have a clothesline situated in prime position in your home? A clothesline takes up a large part of the garden and is both visually and physically intrusive. Versaline have produced a Slimline clothesline that can be utilized down the narrowest of areas, can be made any length to maximize on any available space you may have, and has the capacity to hold a family wash. The washing line can be folded flat against the wall, or even be completely removed from sight when the need arises.


The following are some typical comments made by Versaline customers:

“The existing clothesline took up a large part of my garden and was visually intrusive. The new installation of your Slimline clothesline uses a narrow gap at the side of the house which was otherwise redundant space. I have installed the extended version with an overall length of 7.1m. I have now reclaimed my garden and the washing is completely out of sight yet receives plenty of sun and breeze.”   Andrew, WA


“Really pleased with your product. It’s the only clothesline that could fit in our narrow walkway (under 1 metre width) and allow us to easily fold it away if ever needed. As a bonus the ability to pick up the line and move it into the Garage in winter if ever needed with the addition of an extra set of brackets, is just perfect. Great product guys. The best out there.”   Bob, WA


There are many advantages for keeping a clothesline out of the back garden and utilizing other out of the way areas:

• Gain usable space in your back garden by making use of a dead useless area and turning it into a functional one

• Clears the garden of an unsightly clothesline and removes an obstacle that always seems to be in the way

• Make better use of your back garden without having to plan around a clothesline area

• The new position is probably going to be closer to the laundry

• The Slimline clothesline will be protected from rain by the eaves of the home

• Having a variable length, allows a clothesline to straddle windows or down-pipes and also to be installed onto any wall, fence posts, piers or framework

• Side passageways are often breezeways, which is a great way to dry the washing

• Allows a homeowner an eco friendly alternative to the electric dryer

• The capacity of the Versaline Slimline clothesline can be increased further by either adding extra support bar/brackets to add more length or by placing one clothesline above the other


So if you are looking to reclaim your backyard, or are thinking of extending your living area and need to get rid of the old existing clothesline to do so, this is the time to look outside the square to create more space. Versaline’s clotheslines allow you to better utilize the space around your home and enables you keep your back garden free of one. For further information, visit