Efficient Drying with a Ceiling Mounted Washing line/Airer


Most people with high ceiling homes would have noticed that their home is noticeably cooler in summer than lower ceiling homes. This is due to the warmer air rising to the ceiling, leaving the cooler air to remain at a lower living level. This is caused by convection.


Convection is the natural current of the movement of warm air rising, and cool air sinking. You can’t see it, but this is a natural phenomenon of nature that is happening all around us, even within our homes.


A ceiling mounted airer can take advantage of convection because, as the warm air rises, it collects moisture as the air filters through the laundry causing it to cool and then fall, creating a continuous circular current . This creates a very efficient environment to dry laundry.


Versaline have developed a range of pulley operated airers that will suit most homes with high ceilings, and that can also be utilised outdoors in undercover areas. The UP&AWAY pulley clothesline and the PULLEY RAIL AIRER utilize a pulley system to raise and lower, and are supplied with a cleat to tie off the airer at the right height. The UP&AWAY pulley clothesline comes in two lengths and will cope with any household washing. The PULLEY RAIL AIRER has 150 cm of clothes hanger capacity making it great as an ironing rack.


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