Versaline had developed a handy Portable Drying Line for pool and spa areas. 


How handy would it be to have a clothesline in a pool or spar area to keep the towels off the pool fence? Versaline have come up with a new clothesline/airer suitable for these areas, and it’s portable so that it can be moved about to follow the sun.


Versaline’s Hook&Away clothes airer will hook over any partition structure bordering a pool or spa area including; pool fencing; Colorbond or paling fences; brick walls; glass panels. And the Hook&Away is not just limited as a towel rack for pool areas, as this airer would be a handy extra for anywhere around the home where there is something to hook onto.


The Hook&Away is constructed from lightweight aluminium and it is anodised to suit sea-side areas or around salt pools. The Hook&Away is non-fixed, so is portable, allowing it to be moved about from one position to another, and can also be folded flat for easy storage.


And because the Hook&Away is a non-fixed airer, it makes for a great accessory for apartment living, and renters who can take it with them when they move on to another location.


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