Get Rid of Your Rusting Washing Line, Once and For All. 


“As you can see our clothesline is situated about 30m from the ocean. The sea air and high winds here reduced our last, more conventional clothesline to a pile of rust despite regular six monthly rust prevention treatments. Before we knew it, we had rust streaks all down the side of the house. After getting our house painted we chose your Stainless Steel Versaline Broadline to replace our now defunct fold out clothesline. Even at this early stage we are seeing benefits, and also to be able to move more easily around our confined area even though we’re getting more hanging space”.


This is a problem we hear a lot of at Versaline Clotheslines from people that live in coastal and seaside dwellings, and it’s a problem easy to solve as was shown above. The secret is in the quality of the material that the clothesline is constructed from. Versaline produce washing lines in a 316 marine grade Stainless steel. The advantage that the Broadline and Slimline clotheslines have over other brands, besides being available in stainless steel, is that they can be made any length to fit any span or space, can be utilised in dead narrow areas to maximise on limited space, and can be easily removed to free up an area for entertaining.


316 Marine Grade Stainless Steel is the only stainless steel suitable for coastal and seaside areas, and is what is used on yachts, so anything less than this quality will always corrode in time.


Saving on cheaper alternatives will only cost more in the long run and it’s easy to see why:

  • >  The cost of a new clothesline every couple of years
  • >  The labour cost involved to replace the old clothesline
  • >  The cost to repair the rust stain left on the wall and to fill in the fixing holes that won’t match the new clothesline


The advice here, even if it costs a little more, is to do it right in the first place and forget about any future expense. Do it right, do it once.

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