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Combo in 316 Stainless Steel

The COMBO Broadline/Slimline dual level clothesline, comes in a 316 Marine Grade Stainless Steel and can be custom made to any length up to 5 metres to fit any span or space, can be folded down and, when the need arises, or can be easily removed to leave little evidence of a clothesline ever being there in the first place.  The COMBO in 316 Marine Grade Stainless Steel will give maximum corrosive resistance for coastal areas, and looks great in a modern home. See Video of Combo

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Product Description


Make better use of the available space around your home and maximise the clothesline length in that space by utilising the COMBO SS Broadline/Slimline clothesline in 316 Marine Grade Stainless Steel. The COMBO SS is made up of a Broadline over the top of a Slimline for dual level drying, and can have a huge capacity up to 50 metres of hanging space.  316 Marine Grade Stainless Steel gives maximum corrosive resistance so is suitable for coastal areas, and looks great in a modern home.

This removable clothesline can be made any length, to fit any space or span, can be individually folded flat against the wall, but best of all, it can be removed as easily as taking a garment off the line to give you back your space. This is particularly useful if installed in an undercover entertaining area. The COMBO SS can be made any length up to 5 metres, (up to 50 metres of hanging space). Utilising a COMBO in a limited wall space significantly increases the hanging capacity in that area.

Note that this product comes with all the parts necessary to make up a clothesline but, because of the wide variety of surfaces on which this clothesline can be installed onto, wall anchors (fasteners) are not supplied with this product and will need to be obtained separately. A timber / masonry fastener pack can be purchased as an accessory from this store.




  • Clothesline Length Max 5 metres
  • Clothesline Width 67 cm
  • Number of Hanging lines 10
  • Linear Hanging Capacity Max 50 metres
  • Maximum Load (each c/line) 20 kg
  • Stored Weight 2.8 kg
  • Stored Dimension 8 X 29 X 66 cm
  • Fixing Screws Supplied - No
  • Material 316 Marine Grade Stainless Steel
  • Finish Polished



A summary of the BROADLINE SS features include:

  • Made from 316 marine grade Stainless Steel
  • Suitable for coastal areas
  • Attractive appearance will compliment any home
  • Two tier levels to increase hanging capacity within the length of a space
  • Two levels individually installed to provide a greater spacing between layers
  • No fixed length so can be installed onto the face of any wall, pergola posts, piers, fence posts, studwork and can straddle over windows or doors, up to 5 metres
  • Up to 50 metres of hanging space
  • Easy to install
  • Easy to fold each clothesline individually against the wall
  • Easily removal of  the clothesline to Disappear from sight
  • Minimal protrusion from the wall surface so can be installed down a narrow side passageway
  • Great as an extra undercover clothesline to protect washing from wet weather and harsh sunlight
  • Non-fixed, so is removable, therefore can be utilised in unit and apartment dwellings
  • Suitable for outdoor or indoor areas
  • Suitable for decks, verandahs, garages, carports and laundries
  • Sits neatly under eaves for protection from rain
  • Additional mounting options available, so can be installed at any angle (see Accessories below)
  • Can be sloped to suit the fall of the land
  • Wall brackets don't have to be in line with each other
  • No mechanisms or mechanical parts to fail over time (see Accessories below)
  • Storage bags available (see Accessories below)



  • Clothesline Length Max 5 metres
  • Clothesline Width 67 cm
  • Bracket Width 5 cm
  • Bracket Height 22 cm
  • Bracket Protrusion from wall 8 cm
  • Stored Clothesline Dimension 5 X 29 X 66 cm

Additional Information

Additional Information

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