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Q. What colours does the Versaline come in?

A. Versaline's metal parts are powder coated in 'Surfmist', and the nylon components are black. All models supplied with beige cord only.

Q. I want to install a Versaline clothesline in my patio area but I need to come from a wall to a post. My problem is that one bracket needs to be mounted at right angles to the wall. How can I achieve this?

A. An accessory called the "90 Degree Mount”, can be purchased to mount the Versaline bracket perpendicular to the wall. This accessory comes with mounting screws to attach bracket to the mounting plate.

Q. Do you constantly have to adjust the tension of the lines every time you put it back up again? If so, is it easy to do and is there any risk of it loosening up and not re-tightening very well after a period of time?

A. Yes, you have to occasionally adjust line tension, just as you would with any other clothesline. The cord used is the same as what is used by most manufacturers of clotheslines and does stretch in time This is easily achieved by using a phillips-head screw driver and undoing the line clamp, pulling the line to the desired tension and re-tightening clamp screw.

Q. What is the carrying capacity of your 6 line clothes line in kilograms?

A. I don't know in kilograms what capacity the Broadline clothesline takes, but I do know that every time I see our clothesline, it’s fully loaded with washing. We have three adult children and a mother-in-law living with us so I consider our clothesline to be continually under test conditions. The sag obtained when loaded with washing is comparable with other types of clotheslines on the market.

Q. Can you remove the clothesline brackets and or the right angle mounting plates completely say for instances, when moving houses and still be completely functional in a new place?

A. The brackets are attached by drilling holes into your timber posts or concrete wall and are fixed by either coach screws or masonry anchors depending on whether you install the brackets on timber or concrete. It would be just a matter of undoing the bolts and removing the brackets. When re-installing, the only thing you might have to do is to re-adjust the line length to suit the distance between brackets in your new location. It’s that simple! The 90º Mounting Plate (accessory only) would only need to be purchased if you install the Versaline bracket perpendicular to a wall.

Q. I have 2 posts that I want to put my clothesline on. Do I need to purchase the 90º Mounting Plate?

A. No, the 90º Mounting Plate is an accessory only to be used when you have an application where you need to install the Versaline brackets perpendicular to a wall. For example, if you wanted to install a Versaline from a wall to a post or wall to an opposing wall.

Q. Is there a retractable Versaline as rolling the lines around the bars seems cumbersome?

A. Versaline is unique in its simplicity and ease of use. Rolling the lines around the bars may appear cumbersome but in actual fact, it is very easy to do. A Velcro strap is supplied to hold cord in place and a bag can also be purchased. A big advantage of the Versaline clothesline is that it’s so compact when removed from its brackets, it can be stored away in a confined space. This can't be achieved with a retractable type of clothesline.

Q. Given a span of 5 metres, will the middle sag considerable with items like towels?

A. 5 metres is a long span and it will sag when loaded, just like any other clothesline over that length. This is not a problem to the operation of the clothesline, but If this bothers you, you can purchase the Extended version which provides a centre support.

Q. Does your clotheslines come with the line or is it just the frame and does the line need to be bought separately?

A. All Versaline clotheslines come with sufficient cord to provide the specified capacity.

Q. How can I purchase the Versaline clothesline when I don't have a credit card?

A. You can do an Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT). You can also ring us on 0419 495 874 to discuss your options.

Q. How long is the delivery time?

A. New South Wales local delivery to private dwellings usually next working day, outside of local area 3 to 7 days. Victoria local delivery usually next working day, outside of local area 3 to 7 days. South Australia local delivery usually 2 days, outside of local area 4 to 9 days. Queensland local delivery 2 to 3 working days, outside of local area 4 to 9 days. Western Australia local delivery 3 to 7 working days, outside of local area 4 to 9 days.

Q. Does the Versaline clothesline come with fasteners?

A. No. Due to the many possible materials Versaline can be installed onto, i.e. brick, timber, steel posts to name just a few, it is not practical to include in the package all the different fastening bolts and screws to suit all possible applications. In the end the consumer would pay for them anyway and have to throw away the fasteners they don't use. You can purchase a Timber/masonry Fastener Pack from our store, or Fasteners can be purchased from a Hardware store.

Q. Is there a warranty with your product?

A. Yes, our products are guaranteed against defect in material or workmanship under normal domestic use from the date of purchase for a period of 1 year.

Q. Can the Versaline Clothesline be mounted to a weatherboard house?

A. Yes, but just make sure you find a stud behind the weatherboard to fix the Versaline wall brackets to.

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