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VERSALINE COMBO Dual Level Clothes Wash Line Double Decker Large Hoist Capacity - Available in a Powdercoated Finish

The Combo dual level clothesline can be wall or post mounted, the length can be customized to fit any space or span, levels can individually fold against the wall, can be removed from sight, and is compact so can store away in a washing basket. This versatile clothes line is Australian made and, will hold a large capacity of washing and will suit indoor or outdoor areas.

The COMBO provides a double decker washing line to double the washing capacity within a given length. This is especially useful for small areas to increase the laundry hanging capacity within a restricted space. The Combo is the perfect clothesline to replace the capacity of a large Hills hoist clothes line, providing up to a massive 50 metres of hanging space. The Combo can be either wall or post mounted and, because this clothesline is long and narrow, can be installed down a side passage or breezeway.

The COMBO is combination of a Broadline over a Slimeline and can be made any length up to 5 metres . The Broadline protrudes further out from the wall than the Slimline facilitating the hanging of sheet and towels on the first three lines and still allowing dual level drying. On a big sheet washing days, simply fold the lower Slimline bars against the wall.

The Combo clothesline is also popular in a drying room and in the laundry, and is available in a 'Surfmist' powdercoated finish. 

These removable clotheslines can be made any length, to fit any space or span, can be individually folded flat against the wall, but best of all, they can be removed as easily as taking a garment off the line to give you back your space. This is particularly useful if installed in an undercover entertaining area. In tight areas, utilising a COMBO in a limited wall space significantly increases the hanging capacity in that area.

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