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VERSALINE PORTABLE HOOK-ON Balustrade, Railing, Wall, Fence- Clothes Line Airer

The Versaline HOOK&AWAY portable washing line airer will hook over any wall, balustrade railing or fence up to 26 cm in width, with no fixing, and folds flat for storage. This portable drying rack will hold a large capacity, can be moved about to follow the sun, and is stable so will not move about in the wind. This is the perfect clothesline for unit/apartment dwellers, around pool or spa areas or just as a handy extra portable clothes line for anywhere around the home.

Even if you already have a clothesline in the back yard, the Hook&Away will be a handy extra to expand your hanging capacity and possibly allow you to position a clothes line in a better drying area during the cooler months. When not in use, simply fold down the clothesline and store it away for another day. It has more capacity and is more stable than a flimsy clothes horse.

The HOOK&AWAY is a great laundry drying solution for the environmentally conscience and is ideal for apartment dwellers as there is no fixing involved, and renters can take it with them when they are ready to move on. The HOOK&AWAY is perfect for around pool and spa areas for the kids towels or just as a handy extra clothesline around the home that you can move around to follow the sun at different stages during the day.

The HOOK&AWAY hook on clothesline comes in two sizes that will cope with any household washing.

A great new addition to the range is the portable multi rail bathroom Shower Towel Rack, which adds three extra towel rails to a bathroom without the need to fix anything to the wall.

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