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VERSALINE SLIMLINE Clothesline Long and Narrow Folding Wall Mount Indoor Outdoor - Available in a Powdercoated Finish

The Slimline clothesline can be wall or post mounted, the length can be customized to fit any space or span. This long and narrow washing line will fit any passageway, can fold against the wall, and can disappear from sight as easy as removing a garment, and is so compact it can store away in a washing basket. View video demonstration. This versatile clothes line is Australian made, can be either wall or post mounted, will hold a large capacity of washing, will suit indoor or outdoor areas, and is supplied in a powdercoated finish.

The Versaline Slimline [4-line] custom length clothesline is easy to install and the length can be extended to suit any size space, large or small, and because it is long and narrow, this clothesline can be used in any narrow area such as a side passage, making good use of an otherwise useless area. It can either be folded against the wall when not in use or can be totally removed in seconds to disappear from sight when you need it to, allowing the homeowner to better utilize this area for other purposes. The wall brackets can be installed onto any solid surface and, because there is no fixed length, they can be installed onto piers, pillars, pergola and veranda posts or studwork. This clothesline is ideal for small spaces as the length can be customised to maximise any available space.

This amazing removable clothesline allows you to make better use of the space around your home. Utilise a Slimline 4-line clothesline either as a main clothesline or as a second undercover washing line for those uncertain weather days or to protect delicate washing from harsh sunlight or bird droppings. And because this clothesline is removable to disappear from sight, it can be installed closer to the home or even in a entertaining area. The Slimline also makes a great laundry clothesline,

The Standard Slimline can be made any length up to 5 metres (up to 20 metres of hanging space), and Extended Slimline up to 7.5 metres (up to 30 metres of hanging space). This clothesline is available standard in a powdercoated Surfmist colour (off white).

The Slimline comes standard with wall brackets to install flat on the face of a wall or posts, but with the addition of various accessory mounts, the Slimline can be installed at any angle, and the brackets can even be fixed onto round posts. And because the cord is attached after the installation of the wall brackets, they don't have to be in line with each other, can be sloped to suit the fall of the land or can even be installed onto a curved wall. The Slimline is not a fixed clothesline so it can therefore be utilised in unit and apartment dwellings.

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