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VERSALINE RV Clothesline Caravan Motorhome Home Lightweight and Compact Storage

The Versaline TRAVELLER clothesline was designed for your home away from home, the caravan covers aldi or motor home. This clothesline can be removed in seconds when you are on the move or re-attached when you’ve reached your destination. It can be adjusted to any width to suit stud or framework parameters and it also packs away in a compact carry bag for convenient storage. White Fascia covers clip onto remaining low profile brackets to blend in with the rest of the van.

The Traveller is easy to install and includes hollow wall anchors for caravan Composite Body construction. The wall brackets are permanently installed on the outside of the van in a convenient location. Place each clothesline bar onto the brackets, clip on the spreader bar, and then attach the cord. The clothesline can be easily removed in seconds when on the move or re-attached when you’re destination is reached. The removed clothesline can be stored away in a compact storage bag that can be stored away in any nook or cranny. White fascia covers are clipped onto the wall plates to blend in to the background. The TRAVELLER is lighter and more compact to store away than the mini-hoist type airers, yet holds a larger capacity that will take sheets and towels, it won’t blow over in the wind and you won’t be tripping over it.

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