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Traveller for Home

The TRAVELLER is a great clothesline for many areas around the home including laundries, bathrooms, and deck areas to name a few. The discrete wall brackets have minimum protrusion and when the clothesline is removed, dress covers clip onto the brackets to leave no evidence of a clothesline ever being there. The attractive appearance of the TRAVELLER makes it perfect as an indoor clothesline and also suitable for apartment living where a clothesline can only be installed internally because of restrictions on external clotheslines. See Video of Traveller

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Product Description


The discreet low profile of the TRAVELLER wall plates makes this clothesline ideal for all internal areas around the home and will compliment any laundry, bathroom or balcony with its sleek, attractive design. The TRAVELLER clothesline can be adjusted to any width to suit studwork parameters. When required, it can be compacted and hung on the hook on either of the wall brackets, or packed away in a compact carry bag for convenient storage.
Installation is easy. The wall brackets are permanently installed on the wall in a convenient location. Place each clothesline bar onto the brackets, clip on the spreader bar, and then attach the cord.

The clothesline can be easily removed in seconds when required to or re-attached when needed. The removed clothesline can be stored away in a compact storage bag that can be stored away in any nook or cranny. White fascia covers are clipped onto the wall plates to blend into the background leaving little evidence of a clothesline ever being there. The fascia cover looks similar to, but smaller than, a smoke alarm cover.




  • Clothesline Length 203 cm
  • Clothesline Width 51 cm
  • Number of Hanging lines 5
  • Linear Hanging Capacity 10 metres
  • Maximum Load 20 kg
  • Stored Weight 1 kg
  • Stored Dimension 9 X 9 X 51 cm
  • Fixing Screws Supplied Yes
  • Material Finish Anodised Aluminium



Product Features

  • ADJUSTABLE LENGTH to suit wall stud parameters
  • 10 metre HANGING CAPACITY to take sheets and towels
  • QUICK & EASY SETUP. The TRAVELLER can be setup and broken down in seconds
  • COMPACT STORAGE. The TRAVELLER packs away in a compact carry bag weighing under 1kg for easy handling and storage
  • MINIMAL PROTRUSION of discrete wall plate that protrude only 15mm off the mounting surface
  • EXTRA WALL PLATES AVAILABLE for duel mounting options (see Accessories below)
  • WALL PLATE COVERS clip onto wall plates when clothesline is stored away
  • STRONG DURABLE CONSTRUCTION. The TRAVELLER features UV resistant high impact nylon and lightweight anodised aluminium
  • SECURITY FEATURE. Incorporates theft-resistant security screw
  • INCLUDES FIXING SCREWS and Hollow Wall Anchors for Composite Body construction



  • Clothesline Length 203 cm
  • Clothesline Width 51 cm
  • Stored Dimension 9 X 9 X 51 cm"\

Additional Information

Additional Information

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