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UP&Away-160 Ceiling Mounted Clothesline

The Versaline UP&AWAY-160 clothesline/airer utilizes a pulley system to raise and lower a clothesline frame. See Video of Up&Away Ceiling Mounted Clothesline . The kit includes eyebolts and pulleys to attach to the ceiling, and a cleat to tie off the Up&Away at the desired height for loading and drying of your washing.

This ceiling mounted washing line utilises the warmer air that naturally floats at ceiling level to efficiently dry washing, and is a must have for high ceiling homes. In the colder months when washing is hard to dry outdoors, drying indoors is a great alternative option, especially considering we heat our homes during these periods. The Up&Away can be installed in the laundry, bathroom, garage or outdoor living areas. 

The Up&Away is also available in a longer 210 cm model which has a larger capacity and will better hold sheets.

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Product Description


The UP&AWAY-160 ceiling airer takes advantage of convection to dry washing because, as the warmer air rises, it collect moisture as the air filters through the washing and then sinks as the air cools. This continuous motion of air is a very natural and efficient way to dry laundry.

The UP&AWAY-160 can be installed indoor or outdoor, has a large capacity and a 15 kg maximum load rating. The Up&Away can be easily installed by fixing eye-bolts into the rafters or beams, and a tie-off cleat somewhere on the wall. The Airer can be raised and lowered by a simple pulley mechanism, and be tied off at the cleat at a convenient height for loading and drying.

The Up&Away kit comes with everything required to make up a ceiling mounted clothesline including eyebolts, pulley blocks and a tie-off cleat. For a larger capacity, the Up&Away is also available in a longer 210 cm model that will better hold sheets.




  • Clothesline Length 157 cm
  • Clothesline Width 67 cm
  • Number of Hanging lines 8
  • Linear Hanging Capacity 13 metres
  • Maximum Load  15 kg
  • Stored Weight 1.3 kg
  • Stored Dimension 2 X 65 X 157 cm
  • Fixing Screws, Eyebolts, Pulley Blocks and Cleat Supplied
  • Material  Aluminium
  • Finish Anodised



A summary of the UP&AWAY-160 features include:

  • Ceiling mounted to take advantage of convection to air dry laundry
  • Raised and lowered by pulley and can be tied off at any height
  • Capacity to take sheets and towels
  • Hide the clothesline up out of the way when not in use
  • Frame dimensions 65 cm X 157 cm
  • The frame can be cut down in length to suit parameters
  • The UP&AWAY is made from lightweight anodized aluminium, only weighing 1.3kg unloaded
  • Suitable for indoor or outdoor areas as it is anodized to suit coastal conditions
  • 2 year warranty



  • Clothesline Length 157 cm
  • Clothesline Width 67 cm
  • Stored Dimension 2 X 65 X 157 cm

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Additional Information

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